Pelanga en La Sala: 006 – Colombia!

In our previous podcast we loved having Daniel French of Las Cafeteras in La Sala so much we brought him back. We also welcomed the super talented Bardo Martinez, lead singer, guitarist and organist from Chicano Batman into La Sala. Hosts May-Li (dj china tu madre) and Federico (dj papicultor), who have just returned from the largest music festival in Latin America, the Petronio Álvarez Festival in Colombia, give us a first hand guide through one of the most musically rich areas of the world. A special night full of beautiful stories, impromptu singing, savory Arrechon, and irresistible records.


  1. Alejandro Duran – El Aborrecido
  2. Andres LonderoCanto Negro
  3. Ondatrópica – Homenaje a Andres Landero
  4. Ondatrópica – Cien Años (Markitos Micolta on vocals)
  5. Peregoyo Su Combo VacanaEl Mundo Al Reves
  6. La Contundencia Chirimia – Fiesta San Pachera
  7. Grupo Saboreo – Kilele (live at the Loma de la Cruz in Cali)
  8. Grupo Socavon de TimbiquiQuitate De Mi Escalera 
  9. Live Recording at Escuela Canalón in Cali – Rio Timbiqui

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